Tuesday, 5 December 2017

How Much is that Dragon in the Window? Don't ask for a dragon this Christmas unless you are certain you can care for one for life!

What do you think of when someone mentions dragons to you? Glamour? Magic? Bright scales? Flying? Billowing blue smoke? All of these and more? How cool would it be to fly to school on a dragon? Way cool! Flying above all those folk plodding through the puddles far below...

Well yes, a dragon is all of these things. But...like other pets there is a less glamourous side to pet ownership. Root will tell you it's a lot of hard work too, and the larger the animal the harder the work. There is feeding, handling, grooming, exercise and visits to the vet. Those scale mites don't just make your dragon's life miserable, they can bite you too! Owning an animal like a dragon is going to be expensive. Have you been saving your pocket money?

So imagine. You've arrived home this evening from a hard day at school. Exams are coming up. Your favourite TV series is on tonight but you have a ton of homework for tomorrow, including that history project that you've been avoiding. Winter is coming in and it's cold, dark and very wet outside. But your windglen widdershanks mare is only a yearling and she needs lots of exercise, and the roost will need mucked out tonight, you avoided it yesterday. So it's out with the shovel and cart. Mucking out dragon dung is no joke. There is a lot of it so you need big muscles! The bigger the dragon the bigger...well you get the picture, and you never thought of that when you bought her did you? She looked so small and cute in that window but she is going to get bigger yet. That done you get saddle and bridle out and tack up. On with the waterproofs and out into the winter sky.

It's miserable out there and you narrowly avoid collision with another dragon. The freezing rain is seeping down your neck and your fingers have gone numb, but your dragon is having a great time and doesn't want to go home yet, so resists your efforts to turn homeward. She can be quite stubborn when she wants to be. It's a whole hour before you get back to the roost, but before you get dry clothes on and some hot food you have to look after your dragon. A quick rub down followed by a brush, and check for any sores. Her hide is a little dry so you dig out the pot of birch balm - an unguent made of honey, birch sap and and stag-toad spittle that Root recommended. She's hungry. You go to the food bins to make up a hot oat mash sprinkled with thistles...argh! You've forgotten that the dried thistles have run out, and there's not enough oats either. So you have to run down the road to the nearest fodder station before it closes. And if you are one of the few like Quenelda who have a battledragon, well there's brimstone to consider. Volatile, heavy and very expensive... You finally tuck your dragon into her roost for the night and get changed. Grabbing a bite to eat you plump down on the sofa and...your favourite programme has just ended.

Well...that's the reality of pet ownership. It may be glamorous, fun and exciting most of the time. But, a lot of responsibility and hard work goes with pet ownership, so when you are out shopping this Christmas and you see that cute baby dragon in the window...Don't just ask Santa for one - have a good long think about it and go and talk to someone first - like Root who knows what it's all about.

And instead get the next best thing for the person you love: The Dragonsdome Chronicles

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Dark Dragon Dreams

Nearly there but down to the grindstone writing!!! 

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

My Writing Support Team

Whilst I am flat out writing Dark Dragon Dreams I thought its time to introduce you to my support team : my family

Hit by a car, lost one eye and went blind in the other from Cyprus 

With love all things are possible 
For those that are interested in names ~ Muckle means very large.

Monday, 9 October 2017


Chapter headings by young reader Phoenix Wilson....Quenelda: half dragon half girl.  Some work to do to increase resolution first, but aren't they wonderful?

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

A roller coaster of a ride for all ages !!!

By marinagirlbbmon 30 September 2017

I hold my hands up. I am a 62 year old woman who loves dragons. I have just finished all 4 books in this series in less that a week. I am eagerly waiting for book 5 due out at Christmas. What a ride I was taken on. This is not a children's book. It is quite frankly a superb fantasy adventure for all ages and the film rights need to be snapped up. All I can say is 'Thank you Lucinda'. You have made an old woman feel young again even if just in my imagination.XX

Monday, 2 October 2017

Dark Dragon Dreams..teaser..

‘I know!’ Root said eagerly. ‘I know who can. My esquire, Squirrel, has a friend, a young dwarf we also rescued when we retook the mine, the name of Anvil. His friend’s family come from a long line of smiths who,’ the young gnome frowned. ‘I don’t understand what it means. Words of making? He said his father Faldir was the greatest smith in the Seven Kingdoms, Squirrel thought it just boasting. B-’

‘Faldir?’ Tangnost gripped the young gnomes arm. ‘Are you sure? Faldir?’

‘Yes,’ Root nodded, confused. ‘Why? What does that mean?’

Monday, 25 September 2017

The Badge of SDS

An early rendering of the triple headed dragon badge (black on silver) of the SDS with their motto: 'Wings of Vengeance'. This one bears the number of the First Born Regiment based on Dragon Isle.  Can anyone come up with a better design?  Email me lucinda@dragonsdome.co.uk

Monday, 18 September 2017

Inspiration behind the Hobgoblinssssssss

Sharks, great white sharks and my fascination with them, are the inspiration behind my hobgoblins who are huge frog-like creatures with great white's teeth and predatory instincts. They are slimy and have webbed feet like frogs with suckers like octopus - and like frogs can jump huge distances.  I was trying to find an enemy for the Seven Sea Kingdoms that would be truly frightening. Think about it; an amphibious predator that can come on land but disappears out to sea. That is over seven foot tall, a powerful swimmer, and is predatory. Hobgoblins spawn in spring in their millions in hot pools and then swarm onto land to find food. They become frenzied as a shark at the scent of blood. That's the hobgoblinssssssssssssssss!

There are thirteen hobgoblin tribes who have traditionally fought one another for territory and food as much as they have fought the SDS, making it easier for the Dragon Lords to defeat them, despite the hobgoblins overwhelming numerical superiority. But in the Dragon Whisperer, for the first time, the tribes united under a single WarLord Galtekerion. A hidden hand guided their strategy, playing to hobgoblin strengths to outwit the SDS at the Battle of the Westering Isles and the Battle of the Line.  Dark treachery stirred at the heart of the Sorcerer's Guild as the Grand Master gathered power.

Now, warmed by the hot lava pools on the hidden island of Roarkinch, the WarLock King has bred millions of hobgoblins, feeding on the power of the Abyss.  What is he planning next?  

Dark Dragon Dreams ~ fear gives words wings    is due out in time for Christmas this year.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Dwarf clan names from extinct species in Scotland

I researched Highland dwarf clan names from species which have become extinct in Scotland. Sadly a very long list to choose from, including these below listed in Wikipedia, with links to further information about them.  The greater mouse-eared bat was one inspiration for hours of the day and years.  It's to mankind's shame the number of species we hunt to extinction and whose habitat we destroy.  Both of these issues are woven into book five : Dark Dragon Dreams.

Arctic fox - c. 10,000 BC
Steppe lemming - c. 8000 BC
Arctic lemming - c. 8000 BC
Aurochs - c. 1000 BC
Beech Marten - 19th Century
Brown Bear - c. 1000 (may be as early as 500 BC)
Cave Lion - c. 10,000 BC
Coypu - 1987 (non-native)
Gray whale - c. 500 BC
Irish Elk - c. 6000 BC
Eurasian Lynx - c. 400
Greater mouse-eared bat - 1990 (as resident)
Narrow-headed vole - c. 8000 BC
Root Vole - c. 1500 BC
Pika - c. 8000 BC
Saiga Antelope - c. 10,000 BC
Tarpan - c. 7000 BC
Walrus - c. 1000 BC
Wisent - c. 3000 BC
Wolverine - c. 6000 BC
Woolly Mammoth - c. 10,000 BC
Woolly Rhinoceros - c. 10,000 BC

Monday, 11 September 2017

The Lord Hugo Mandrake Archmage & Grand Master of the Sorcerers Guild

For new readers just joining The Dragonsdome Chronicles in preparation for book five ~ Dark Dragon Dreams..

The Dragon Whisperer

The Lord Hugo Mandrake, ArchMage and Grand Master of the Sorcerers Guild, childhood friend and mentor to young Rufus DeWinter. Handsome, charismatic, charming; he is the greatest sorcerer of his generation and the youngest ever Grand Master of the ruling Sorcerers Guild. As such he is one of the most powerful men in the Seven Sea Kingdoms, next only to the Commander of the SDS, and the Queen herself. Women are bewitched by him, men tell him their secrets. But unbeknown to them all, he is also a WarLock, a practitioner of arcane Maelstrom magic, forbidden since the Mage Wars almost destroyed the Seven Kingdoms. For this man has dark ambitions and powers that no one has dreamt of, and treachery stirs at the very heart of the Sorcerers Glen. He has failed once before...he will not do so again...for the hobgoblin tribes have united and are his to command...

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Dark Dragon Dreams

Head down writing...some early readers lined up and some younger readers doing the artwork for chapter headings.....watch this space!  If you would like to have your artwork featured as a chapter heading then email me ~ lucinda@dragonsdome.co.uk   I am looking for Quenelda as half girl half dragon....

Go on!  Give it a go...wherever you are in the world, whatever age, get those pencils out....

Monday, 21 August 2017

So you haven't read the Dragon Whisperer Yet?

This is a world that will immerse its reader...

Quenelda has always had a magical bond with her dragons and her greatest wish is to fly one and fight alongside her father in the war against the hobgoblins. Root’s greatest wish is to avoid fearsome fore breathing dragons at all costs so when he is appointed as Quenelda’s squire sparks start to fly. Despite this an unexpected friendship is forged and when Dragon’s Dome is besieged by a deadly plot this unlikely duo must find a way to defeat the dark forces.

From the moment that she is born Quenelda is marked out as being special. Taken away to the safety and security of Dragon’s Dome she is bought up amongst dragons and their riders, the most hardened of warriors. Tangnost, the Dwarfen dragon master is her tutor and mentor, from him she learns the skills of looking after dragons, the medicines that will heal and cure and of the battles that are fought against the evil hobgoblins. Outside the dome there are battles, ancient magic and treachery of the worst kind. Inside the dome Quenelda uses her unusual gift to whisper to the dragons, must learn to grow into a young lady and accept her reluctant squire Root. They will face dangers beyond their imagining all too soon in an epic battle of man and dragon versus hobgoblin and ancient magic.

In this sweeping novel of fantasy, action, adventure and the coming of age, the reader will fine beautiful dragons, feisty heroines, and epic battles. There is magic, treachery and plenty of action alongside moments of tenderness and humour. This is a world that will immerse its reader in its magnificence and danger, compelling reading. The dragons inspire awe and a smile at their insightful names, the children are strong and feisty, the dwarves typically stubborn and the hobgoblins suitably nasty.

This book is certain to have instant appeal and with the promise of ten full page illustrations from the supremely talented David Wyatt it is a book to look out for.
Reviewed by Pinkfairy

Write Away

Friday, 11 August 2017

World Building: The Black Prince

Ok, world building is at the heart of fantasy writing. It creates the backdrop to your story, it draws you into the story. J.R.R Tolkien and George R.R. Martin have both drawn heavily on history to create their worlds and the characters who people them.

My world building is no different. I love history. Worlds, peoples, characters are all inspired by history.  Edward, Prince of Wales was the eldest son of one of England's greatest Kings, Edward III. A renowned commander, some believe he came to be known as the Black Prince because he wore black armour.  Others that the name was given following a massacre at Limoges in central France. The Black Prince died young and never came to the throne:that is an outcome I am not bound by, I don't know yet where Darcy's story will take him.  But in The Stealth Dragon Services Darcy shows how black he is, becoming notorious in the war for atrocities and for capturing slaves for his father. Touched by the kiss of the Abyss, his prisoners become the Forsaken, neither living nor dead, in thrall to the WarLock King's will.

Edward of Woodstock as he was known in his lifetime demonstrated military brilliance at the age of sixteen in 1346 where he won his spurs and renown both at the battle of Crecy where the English and Welsh archers destroyed a generation of French aristocracy.  Ten years later he captured the French King and many of his lords at the battle of Poitiers despite being vastly outnumbered.  He went on to die at the age of just forty five.  He was the first Duke of Cornwall, a Duchy and title belonging to our Prince Charles, Prince of Wales (a title created by Edward 1st following his conquest of Wales) and Duke of Aquitaine.  

In the Stealth Dragon Services the WarLock King has given Darcy the most beautifully crafted suit of black armour bound with spells to protect him.  That and his dire and dastardly deeds lead to the name The Black Prince.  But of course Darcy has dragons which Edward Woodstock most certainly didn't!!

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Young reader dressed as Bark Oakley, Root's Dad

Sam dressed as Bark Oakley from The Dragon Whisperer on World Book Day.  Pupils went to school dressed as their favourite character from a book.   Fantastic!!

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Fantasy Book Review of The Stealth Dragon Services ~ Sit back and hope for a film adaptation and a line of frying pans as merchandise.

Just to remind you where we left off.......the lead up to Dark Dragon Dreams

Frying pans at the ready - Quenelda and Root are back! Stealth Dragon Services, the fourth novel in Lucinda Hare's Dragonsdome Chronicles opens with a handy glossary of 'who's who' - so you'll be up to speed if this book is your first of the series. If you’re an avid fan – it’ll all sound very familiar!
Before you open the book, prepare yourself for moments of reunion that will make you want to cry; monsters that will make you want to hide; a dark magic so consuming it will make you want to turn to the dark side; and a good magic so good... it'll make you wish you could speak to dragons.
This novel is still filled with Hare’s classic humour (the frying pan is still the weapon of choice) which surely wins it the coveted place of ‘bedtime story’ for many children. Her portrayal of dragons is second to none: she describes them with such David-Attenborough precision, that you can't help but wonder if they really do exist.
Don’t be fooled, though – SDS is the darkest book in the series to date. The Hobgoblins are the stuff of nightmares (three rows of teeth!) and the Lord Protector, quite literally, goes over the edge. It's these dark moments that make you wish for a film-adaptation, if only to give yourself chance to hide behind your popcorn.
But what truly separates Hare’s novels from other books is the deeper message they convey - and this continues with SDS. Hare offers us a world where the underdog can triumph, where you can be who you want to be, where girls can fly dragons, but also dress how they want. Quenelda is still very much a girl in a boys' world and this is what makes a story about old folklore so modern. We see Quenelda battle through, (literally, at times!) as she tries to deal with life as a young girl and her growing dragon magic.
Once you've reached the last page, sit back and hope for a film adaptation and a line of frying pans as merchandise.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Introducing Root ~ The Dragon Whisperer

Root learning to fly on the wooden dragon....from The Dragon Whisperer

'Pa was gone. He was all alone in the world. What would he do now? Root wondered. Where would he go? He couldn't think straight. He couldn't even move. The hobgoblins had once more killed his closest kin. He had been barely six years old when a banner had wiped out his village - he had been picking nuts and berries in the forest when the attack came, and was the sole survivor out of a hundred and fifty peaceful gnomes. Hearing the screams, he had hidden in the undergrowth and stayed there long after night and silence fell, too afraid to move. Finally, as dawn turned darkness into shades of grey, he had crept home to find his family lying like broken dolls in the ruins of their home. The SDS had found him three days later, filthy, starving, and frozen, and had reunited him with his grieving father, stationed at Dragonsdome. But now the evil creatures had taken his father away too; what would become of him?'

Chasing the Stars being wicked:  Root faints at her feet!  from The Dragon Whisperer

Root is a young gnome, the only remaining son of Bark Oakley, Scout to the Commander of the Stealth Dragon Services.  In memory of his father's bravery, Root is promoted from apprentice to esquire, an unheard of promotion because Root is a commoner.  Worse he is to be Quenelda's esquire.  To some that means advancement, fame and fortune, if they can keep up with her, but Root is almost as scared of her as he is of a battledragon that is trained to disembowel, behead or toast you.  He would much rather be a rat catcher's apprentice. 

Friday, 21 July 2017

Will He Won't He?

Two Gulps Too Many: juvenile sabretooth battledragon with a serious weight problem  Cannot stop himself snacking..on a inattentive seagull, brimstone *and* the metal cauldron, someones cloak or boots, and best of all...those honey tablets...yum.
But in Dark Dragon Dreams he has some competition...

Will he ever grow into a battledragon? Will he ever manage to fly?
Every dragon is needed in the battle to come for the fate of the Seven Kingdoms...

Monday, 17 July 2017

She found it so exciting, albeit a bit scary, and identified totally with the heroine Quenelda.

My eight-year-old daughter was given The Dragon Whisperer and couldn't put it down, although it was a much the longest [and heaviest] book that she had ever read. She found it so exciting, albeit a bit scary, and identified totally with the heroine Quenelda. I flipped through a few pages, read a bit to see what it was like, and went back to the beginning to read it all through properly and thoroughly enjoyed it [although, apart from the Lord of the Rings, I'm not normally a great fan of this genre]. It is a story of loners confronting fear and prejudice and developing as characters in a believable fantasy world with fast-paced action sequences. We lent it to a neighbour's twelve-year-old son [a connoisseur of fantasy fiction] who devoured it and asked where the sequel was.

5***** star rating - Amazon / 28th Dec 2010


Thursday, 13 July 2017

Falling for Autumn pastel colouring conservation book

When my brain was cooked by chemo I couldn't write but I could draw so I did something totally new and different...a colouring book where the artwork is true to life.   And the best medium is pastels...

 to buy

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

What's in a name? How I chose Quenelda

I've often been asked where I got the very unusual name of Quenelda from. I had virtually written a draft of The Dragon Whisperer and was still searching for that elusive name for my feisty female protagonist. I wanted a name that would suit the daughter of an old aristocratic family, but was sufficiently rare that it would help me to 'world build'. What happened? Well, it is an intriguing story in itself.

I am a newsaholic: BBC News 24 is permanently on in the background. I was passing by when I heard the mention of a polar explorer Tom Avery who led a pioneering British expedition to a previously unexplored 20-mile mountain range close to China's western border. I love watching Arctic and Antarctic exploration, but for once this was not a polar challenge; his team had scaled nine uncharted summits up to 6,000 meters high in the Eastern Zaalay Mountains of Kyrgyzstan. If you are the first to scale a mountain peak the honour of naming it falls to you.  Tom had named one of the mountains (the 5439m Pik Quenelda) after his mother, whose birthday fell on the day the team reached the summit. It was his mother who was being interviewed about the 2005 Barclays Capital Ultimate North Expedition that aimed to solve the greatest polar mystery of all time: did Commander Robert Peary discover the North Pole in 1909 in a record 37 days.   I stopped to listen, and the moment I heard her voice and saw the name Quenelda Avery, I knew I had my heroine.

A year or so later I got an email out of the blue from a London lawyer asking me where I had come across this most unusual name. He had been shopping for a Christmas present for his mother and had come upon The Dragon Whisperer.   I told him, and he replied that was his mother and brother!

Since then Quenelda and I have corresponded.  She can track her ancestry all the way back to 1066 and beyond to Scandinavia, the true origin of the name.  Three of her grandchildren have Quenelda as a middle name.  But that is not the end of this tale!  Quenelda's father's coat of arms bears a dragon!  It makes you think!

Monday, 10 July 2017

The Voice of the Voiceless

I am the Voice of the Voiceless
Through me the dumb shall speak
Till the world's deaf ear be made to hear
The wrongs of the wordless weak.
Oh shame on the mothers of mortals
Who do not stoop to teach
The sorrow that lies in dear dumb eyes
The sorrow that has no speech.
From street, from cage, from kennel
From stable and from zoo
The wall of my tortured kin proclaims the sin
Of the mighty against the frail.
But I am my brother's keeper
And I shall fight their fight
And speak the word for beast and bird
Till the world shall set things right. 

A lady ahead of her time and a great inspiration to myself and other animal rescuers ~

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

American author

Ella Wheeler Wilcox was an American author and poet. Her best-known work was Poems of Passion. Her most enduring work was "Solitude", which contains the lines "Laugh, and the world laughs with you; weep, and you weep alone.

Born Nov. 5, 1850, Johnstown Center, Rock county, Wis., U.S.—died Oct. 30, 1919, Short Beach, Conn.