Monday, 9 August 2010

A Mouse's Tail

(c) Duncan Leuchars

Meet Bramble and Nettle, the two latest orphaned wood mice to join the household. They are about a third of the size of the original four: Bark, Twig, Root and Leaf, who are all thriving and have been weaned on to solids, so are now independent of me - althought they still need their hot water bottles!

Bramble and Nettle however are still on a two hour 24/7 feed, but I'm hoping they will start moving out and about between feeds to explore their pen and have a nibble at the various foods placed out to tempt them and then I can start stretching the feeds to every three hours.

Hopefully a large mouse cage will arrive soon, then I can set up a three layered outdoor habitat for Bark, Twig, Root and Leaf so that they can start to get used to what an outside world will be like. Meanwhile they are curled up together snoozing or out and about rustling through their pen exploring and eating.

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